Roll-Or-Kari Organ Dollies (Sold as a Pair) Hammond C-3 and some Spinets

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Roll-Or-Kari Organ Moving Dollies

We carry brand new Roll-Or-Kari Organ Moving Dollies which are still the preferred method for moving HAMMOND B-3, C-3, M-3, A-100, L-100, M-100 and other models of HAMMOND organs safely down stairs, etc. Each set of Roll-Or-Kari's is actually two L-shaped moving dollies, each one complete with two fold-down handles and wheels. Adjustable straps (7' long) are included which will allow almost any organ to be moved. Two or four people should be used, depending upon the weight of the organ to be moved.

We have exact replacement repair parts available for older sets of Roll-Or-Kari dollies, including new straps, wheels, etc.

NOTE: Roll-Or-Kari Organ Moving Dollies were specifically design to move organs only. They are NOT suitable for piano moving!

A custom fitted moving blanket cover should be used in conjunction with the Roll-Or-Kari Organ Moving Dollies to protect your equipment.

Specify Organ Model When Ordering!

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