Leslie 147A Speaker

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Information and Discussion on Original and Brand New Series 122 and 147 Leslie's

The Leslie 'Sound-in-Motion'

The Hammond organ is synonymous with classic Rock, Blues, Jazz , Gospel, Country and other music styles. But, it's famous partner, the Leslie speaker, is an equally important part of the classic Hammond sound. Most console Hammond organs without speakers were originally outfitted from the factory with Hammond Tone Cabinets containing traditional speakers. The motorized, rotating horn design, Leslie Speaker quickly became the famous partner of the Hammond organ. Don Leslie's early dream of a true 'rotary' speaker system for his Hammond organ soon became the professional standard for Hammond organists worldwide. From the first tube amplifier powered single-speed Vibratone Leslie models through many tube and solid-state amplifier powered two-speed Leslie models made for Hammond's and virtually every other brand of organ, this classic 'Sound-in-Motion' is still the musical standard, as evidenced by the introduction of other rotary sound units, and most recently, digital Leslie-effect simulators.


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