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If your equipment needs repair, or tender-loving-care.....

For over 50 years, GOFF Professional has provided complete repair, rebuilding and modification services for HAMMOND Organ tonewheel generator models used for touring, studio or private use. Our custom organs and Leslie's currently tour with many of the largest professional musicians in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Country and other music disciplines. In addition, we can provide new HAMMOND and Leslie equipment, backed by Factory Authorized Service, as we are an Authorized HAMMOND-Suzuki Dealer. As a family business, we have always offered personal service to our customers, as YOU are the most important part of our work!

We offer Mail-Order Repair and Rebuilding for most vintage HAMMOND and Leslie products. We also will do our very best to assist you in securing repairs to your new HAMMOND-Suzuki equipment regardless of where purchased. 

A listing of our most-requested services includes:

  • Leslie Amplifiers
  • HAMMOND Organ Preamplifiers / Amplifiers
  • HAMMOND Organ Vibrato Scanners
  • HAMMOND Vibrato Line Boxes
  • HAMMOND Tonewheel Generators
  • HAMMOND Organ Rebuilding / Modification to GOFF Professional Touring Specifications
  • Leslie Speaker Rebuilding / Modification to GOFF Professional Touring Specifications

Leslie Amplifier Repair & Rebuilding

Summary of Preamp and Amplifier Repair & Rebuilding Service

  • Complete 'Dealer-Quality' Amplifier Rebuild Performed
  • All Capacitors Replaced, Resistors and other components checked for accuracy, replaced as necessary, volume control checked and cleaned
  • New Tremolo Relay Installed
  • Power Supply Rebuilt / Upgraded
  • Transformers checked for performance, new transformers available
  • New Leslie connector and retainer installed if needed
  • All Repaired / Rebuilt Preamplifiers and Amplifiers Covered by our 30 Day Warranty which covers all parts we replaced and labor, shipping excluded.
  • Expedited Service available - for most U.S. locations, we normally ship UPS Ground, but 2nd Day and FEDEX / Airborne Express Overnight shipping service is available; Foreign Shipments are by customer's preferred method
  • New Tube Sets available, including our own privately labeled 6550 Tubes. We recommend installation of a new amplifier tube set at time of rebuilding to maximize amplifier performance.
  • We rigorously test all rebuilt equipment prior to shipping.
  • Most Tube and Solid-State Leslie amplifiers repaired, subject to our acceptance
NOTE: All Shipping, Insurance, Customs, etc. costs are extra; All rebuilding cost estimates given prior to our inspection of the amplifier in our Shop are preliminary estimates only, subject to revision based upon actual found condition and / or model of amplifier. We reserve the right to refuse to repair or rebuild any amplifier or other component which has been previously modified and / or which we feel is unfit for rebuilding.

HAMMOND Organ Preamplifiers / Amplifiers

GOFF Professional can repair / rebuild your HAMMOND organ tube preamp or amplifier. We can also supply replacement vacuum tubes and other high-quality components including solid-state replacement preamplifiers for most console organs. Additional information on solid-state preamplifier replacements can be found elsewhere in our Online Catalog.

HAMMOND Organ Vibrato Scanners

If your organ suffers from poor vibrato / chorus performance, it may be caused by an oil-soaked or otherwise malfunctioning vibrato scanner. We can rebuild most original HAMMOND Vibrato Scanners to factory fresh performance. A complete rebuild is performed including:
  • Complete disassembly of the vibrato scanner to component parts
  • Chemical cleaning to remove oil and other foreign material from the scanner body, insulators, and wiring
  • Replacement of scanner insulators if needed
  • Coating all scanner parts with clear insulating spray protectant
  • Reassembly and test, including hand Meggaring all scanner insulated poles to ground.
  • Replacement of oil wicks, bearings and other scanner parts is available at extra cost

HAMMOND Vibrato Line Boxes

We can repair / rebuild most HAMMOND Organ Vibrato Line Boxes in tonewheel generator organ models. The Line Box rebuilding process includes complete replacement of all original Capacitors and Resistors. The original critical-value components fail due to age, causing random variations in vibrato and chorus performance and an inconsistent sound.

A hand-matched set of critical-value components is installed and the Line Box then is checked to original factory specifications prior to return. Most HAMMOND organ Vibrato Line Boxes were made in several types:
  • Later 'open steel frame' style on most B-3, C-3, A-100, D-100, M-3, and similar organs manufactured after 1955, except for a very early organs in these modelgroups
  • Early 'Silver-Painted' or 'Black-Painted' Vibrato Line Boxes contained in most organs manufactured before 1955
  • Price dependent upon exact type and condition of Line Box
Note: Some Vibrato Line Boxes may not be suitable for repair / rebuilding due to condition.

HAMMOND Tonewheel Generators

Many organists complain that their organ simply does not have the 'punch' or brightness it had when new, or of later models. The most common overall reason for this is that the Tonewheel Generator Filter Capacitors have failed causing the organ to lose its original factory-fresh consistency, brightness and quality tone.

After careful inspection and a thorough cleaning, we replace the original hand-matched Tonewheel Generator Filter Capacitors with a new critical-value set of very high stable and quality hand-matched components. If necessary, the generator can be recalibrated to the original factory calibration curve, or to another specific curve designed by GOFF Professional for our many touring professional organists seeking a particular organ sound. All of our touring HAMMOND organs feature refiltered Tonewheel Generators and either the original factory or a modified generator equalization curve designed for the user.

Later model console organ Tonewheel Generators, including models B-3, C-3, A-100, D-100, and RT-3 manufactured from 1955 to 1963, and ALL organs manufactured prior to 1963 did not contain an additional level of Resistor / Capacitor (R/C) Network filtering designed to reduce crosstalk and 60 Hz hum common in earlier generators. We can add the later R/C Network filtering to pre-1963 organs effectively updating them to later model filter specification tonewheel generators.

We also offer a GOFF Professional user-installable kit with new hand-matched Tonewheel Generator Filter Capacitors, R/C Networks and complete installation instructions.

We strongly recommend that all owners of vintage HAMMOND and Leslie equipment interested in doing some of the maintenance and repair / upgrade work themselves purchase the correct Technical Service Manuals for their equipment.

HAMMOND Organ and Leslie Speaker Rebuilding / Modification to GOFF Professional Touring Specifications

'I have an original HAMMOND B-3, but I really want it rebuilt into a GOFF Professional B-3 like the ones I see on Television.'

For HAMMOND B-3 and C-3 organ owners seeking to own a Professional-Quality HAMMOND organ, we recommend our main rebuilding package of services and options, which includes the most common modifications requested by our touring, church and studio organists. We asked our touring pros to tell us what items they felt should be included on a Professional-quality organ. We then took those suggestions and created our Professional Rebuild Package. Make no mistake, this package is NOT a 'wash & wax' repair! It includes complete refurbishment of the mechanical sections of the organ including:

  • Complete Refiltering of the Tonewheel Generator, including R/C filtering;(recalibration of the generator to a different EQ curve is available at extra cost)
  • Rebuilding / refiltering / recalibration of the Vibrato Line Box
  • Rebuilding of the Vibrato Scanner
  • Complete Manual Buss Bar cleaning and relube
  • Pedal section rebuilding (if so equipped)
  • Cleaning / refurbishment of the drawbar base and drawbars
  • Replacement of the AC wiring
  • Replacement of START and RUN switches, as needed
  • Leslie hand or foot switch circuitry for 122, 147 or as specified by owner(Leslie hand and foot switch capability provided at no extra charge if requested)
  • Organ internal wiring will accept two Leslie speakers; usually wired for two model 122's, but can be wired for almost any model specified by owner (some custom wiring for different Leslie models may cost extra)
  • Choice of rebuilt Tube Preamp or Solid-state replacement Preamp
  • Application of our gold-leaf GOFF Professional logos (Sorry, our logos are only available on our custom equipment and are NOT for sale!)

The GOFF Professional Organ Rebuild package includes:

  • Adjustable Percussion Volume
  • Adjustable Chorus
  • Adjustable Spring Reverberation

Options include:

  • Line Out jack with volume control
  • Keyboard Inputs / Outputs
  • Bass / Treble controls
  • Effect Loops (upper or lower manual or both)
  • String Bass Unit
  • 'Cry-Baby' WAH Pedal
  • Separate 1/4' floor-type Volume Pedal instead of original HAMMOND pedal
  • Frequency Conversion Unit (for operation of 60 Hz 120v organs on 50 Hz, 120v)
  • MIDI (one manual, both manuals and / or pedals)
  • Cut-down case and stand
  • Custom painting / refinishing
  • other modifications / options as requested

I also have an original Leslie 122 (or 147, etc.) and want it to 'Scream'!

A tube-amplifier Leslie speaker model is considered by many to be a mandatory item for anyone wishing to recreate the true, classic Blues / Jazz / Gospel HAMMOND sound. A solid-state amplifier equipped Leslie will be loud, but it lacks the warmth and ability to distort slightly. This distortion forms the basis for the 'fat' sound synonymous with older HAMMOND's.

A tube amplifier alone cannot provide the screamin' HAMMOND sound. This is dependent upon the correct selection and condition of the upper driver, bass woofer, crossover, etc. We offer replacement Bass Woofers, Crossovers, Motors, Bearings, Drive Belts, Upper Plastic Horns, Tube Sets, New Tube Amplifiers and most other Hammond organ and Leslie speaker repair and replacement parts. Call us for free advice before you begin work on your own equipment.

Complete Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker Repair, Rebuilding and Modification Service is Available in our Newington, CT Shop.

As an Authorized Hammond Organ Dealer, We also offer new Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers.

Leslie Connector Kits, Cables, Tube Sets, Replacement Speakers, Crossovers, Motors, and many other items are available.

Call us for Special new Hammond Organ & Leslie Package Pricing or for Rental Information

We can completely rebuild your existing classic Hammond organ and Leslie and upgrade single-speed Leslie models to two-speed operation!

Custom Leslie Cabinet Refinishing / Repair / Painting available.

Hammond organ and Leslie Fitted-Blanket Covers and original style Roll-or-Kari Moving Dollies are also available!