B-3p Mk2

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61-note Keyboard x 2 and a 25-note pedal keyboard * Vintage B-3 Preset Key system * Preset Memory * Internal memory * CF card * Direct Analog Keying * Full Polyphony (Upper & Lower)/8 notes Polyphony (Pedal)* 96 digital tone-wheels (Btype1, Btype2, Mellow)* Level is adjustable wheel by wheel for 96 tone wheels * VASE III (Muted, Normal, Synth 1, Synth2)* Normal timbre is adjustable by drawbar’s composite system * Swell Drawbars 9 pitches, 2 sets * Great Drawbars 9 pitches, 2 sets * Pedal Drawbars 2 pitches * Vibrato / Chorus V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, (programmable), Swell On, Great On * Onboard Digital Leslie Advanced 2 rotor, digital Leslie * Leslie Switch Slow, Stop, Fast * Percussion ON/OFF, Second / Third Harmonic Slow/Fast Decay, Normal/Soft Volume * Preamp Vacuum tube x 2(12AU7: Overdrive, 12AX7: Preamp)* Control Expression Pedal w/Foot Switch Motor Control (Up/Down Switch Pedal Sustain, Manual Bass, Normal/Soft Volume * Digital Reverb Spring and 10 more models, Leslie On Reverb, Reverb Volume * Volume Overdrive, Reverb, Master Volume * EQ Bass, Treble, Mid-Range (adjustable center frequency), B-3 type “tone” control * Display LCD 20 Character x 2 Lines (orange back Light)* External Slot CF (Compact Flash) Card Head Phone, Line in L/R, Line out L/R, Pedal out Effect Send/Return * Input/Output 11-pin Leslie Socket x 2 (Main, Echo) MIDI OUT, MIDI PEDAL IN Leslie Switch, Main/Echo Switch * Weight (including Pedal & Bench) 276 lbs * Console Dimensions 51 1/2” (W) x 28” (D) x 38” (H)* Keyboard Cover Included * Optional Main/Echo Switch *