Leslie FAST Motor O-Ring

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Replacement O-Rings:

For installation on original style Leslie 'Fast' Motors; Normally 2 per Leslie cabinet (122 / 147 and other Series Leslie's with upper and lower rotary horns).

This is a very important low-cost replacement part! Although it seems confusing that a Fast Motor O-Ring would cure noisy Slow Motor operation, a rubber O-Ring is mounted on a phenolic brown ring on the Fast Motor, but it is actually used by the Slow Motor drive spindle to drive the Leslie horn in slow or 'Chorale' Speed. When the O-Ring becomes worn and cracked, the Slow motor operation is noisy, or it can fail completely.

If your motors are noisy at Slow (chorale) speed, or if the slow speed is intermittent or not working, this may be the problem, and is easily and inexpensively repaired.

One O-Ring is required for EACH Slow / Fast motor assembly. For Leslie's with upper and lower slow / fast motor assemblies, 2 O-Rings are required per Leslie cabinet

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