Hammond Pedal Felt Set

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Replacement Pedal Felt Set

  • Exact Replacement Pedal Felt Strip Found in Later Model Hammond 25-pedal Consoles
  • Direct Replacement for earlier 'single-type' Pedal Felts, where 25 individual felts were required.
  • For 32-pedal organs, two Pedal Felt Sets are required.

NOTE: Installation of New Pedal Felts will generally stop pedal 'clatter', which is a metallic noise heard when a pedal is depressed. This noise is caused by metal-to-metal contact of the Pedal Spring on the pedal board to the Pedal Pusher Pin on the organ. This problem is caused by the original felts becoming perforated through normal use. If the pedal felts are not replaced, then the spring-steel pedal springs will continue to contact the brass pedal pusher pins and pedal section failure can result due to brass filings becoming lodged in the pusher pins! This is a very difficult and expensive problem to repair. Change the Pedal Felts as part of the normal maintenance of your classic Hammond!


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